Tuesday, Feb. 3 only – free download – Thomas MacEntee’s book – “Guide to WolframAlpha for Genealogy and FamilyHistory Research” – at Amazon

(from Thomas MacEntee’s BLOG) Thomas MacEntee <geneabloggers@gmail.com>

Wolfram AlphaWolframAlpha for Genealogy Research

While you are searching for your ancestors and discovering facts about how they lived, you may find yourself asking these types of questions …

• What would one dollar in 1910 money be worth now?
• What was the weather like for my ancestor on a specific date?
• What are all the possible nicknames for the given name Elizabeth?
• How can I calculate a birth date when all I have is a tombstone listing my ancestor’s death date and age in years, months and day?
• How do I figure out a word when I can only read four letters in an eight letter word?

Most genealogists might go out to Google or scramble to look on Cyndi’s List for tools to help determine this information. But this week, genealogists “in the know” are learning all about WolframAlpha – a free, computational database.

While you can visit WolframAlpha and run through its tutorials, you won’t find a list of functions within WolframAlpha that can help you with your genealogy research. But you can download my free book – Guide to WolframAlpha for Genealogy and FamilyHistory Research – at Amazon and get the inside information!

This book is a $3.95 value and is FREE for TWO DAYS ONLY: Monday, February 2nd and Tuesday, February 3rd. Click here to get your copy! When you land on the book site, DO NOT CLICK “Read for Free”! This is a misleading button that Amazon uses to sell its Kindle Unlimited Program. Simply click Add to Cart OR Buy with 1-Click and you’ll be able to download the Kindle ebook.

Don’t have a Kindle device? No worries! Did you know that Amazon provides a FREE Kindle App that you can install on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or most any smart device? Click here to download the app . . . and don’t worry, the app is “responsive” which means it will know which version you need!


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