Money Saving Tricks I Swear By for Genealogy! Limited time offers via Thomas MacEntee

Money Saving Tricks I Swear By for Genealogy!

Thomas MacEntee  6-4-2015

penny candy

Remember Penny Candy?
I remember going to the corner store with a few pennies and being able to buy some of my favorite candy including wax lips, candy necklaces, Bit-O-Honey and more. There was no haggling, no bargaining . . . each piece was just a penny or a nickel for the larger items.

Today it seems like you need to know all the “tricks” in order to get a good price on anything – and that includes genealogy books, software and supplies. I’m going to share TWO of my favorite tricks that I use each week to save money!

TRICK #1: Use the Phone andold phone Ask for a Discount

Yes, it is that simple. It seems everyone wants to take care of business via e-mail or even social media. However, many vendors like, Findmypast and MyHeritage will offer you a good discount when renewing your subscription . . . but you have to call up and ask for it.

Why? Look at it this way: these companies spend lots of money (as much as 50% of the cost of the first year’s subscription) to attract customers. It costs them less money if they can retain current customers, even by offering a substantial discount.

So here is what you do: Mark on your calendar the date when your subscription ends. Also, make sure you have disabled any “auto-renew” function. Then, as early as 30 days prior to the expiration date, call the vendor’s toll free number and tell them you’re considering letting your subscription expire and want to inquire about a discount. It’s that simple!

Amazon 80%

TRICK #2: Trade In Your Old Genealogy Books

No one believes me when I tell them that I can trade in an old genealogy book – actually any kind of book – and then get money to buy new books. Amazon Trade-In allows you to trade in almost any book, receive Amazon Gift Credit and then automatically use that credit to purchase new books! And Amazon even pays the postage when you mail in your used books!

So, for example, the new Third Edition of Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills sells for $53.96 USD on Amazon. I can trade in my Second Edition and receive $29.74 USD in Amazon Gift Credit that I can then use to purchase the new edition or any other book.

You can also trade in cameras, cell-phones and even computers and accessories to get Amazon Gift Credit. Click here to learn more.

40% Off Super Savings at Shop Family Tree

I have never seen a sale like this, even during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only can you shop at ShopFamilyTree and use the code FFSUMMER40 to save 40%, it seems that you can use the code in conjunction with items already on sale AND still get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25! Here’s an example:


amazon sample
Save 55% on How to Archive Family Photos – right now Shop Family Tree has an offer to save 27% off this amazing book by Denise Levenick – normally $25.99, now $18.99. Use promo code FFSUMMER40 at checkout, and save another $7.60 which means the price is $11.83 and you save 55% total!

More Deals at Genealogy Bargains

This week we have deals on photo books for Father’s Day from Blurb, MyPublisher and Lulu as well as other easy-to-use self-publishing platforms. You can create a family keepsake in just a few hours this weekend and share it with Dad and the rest of the family. All this and more at Genealogy Bargains. Click here to check them out.

archive family photos

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