Wisconsin joins the Digital Public Library of America – Posted by Recollection WI – Thrilling News!

(Note from Vicki – Recollection WI is the host for our LSTA Grant digitization of 29 Beloit Local History Archives from Beloit Public Library, Beloit College Archives Library, and Beloit Historical Society.

eBeloit History LSTA grant logo and wording

Go through our Library homepage


to access our Beloit Public Library “eBeloit History” digital collection of  early Beloit history books, an atlas, early telephone books, and our earliest Beloit/Rockton/Roscoe/South Beloit City Directories,

to access Recollection WI,

and now (soon) to access the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) !

This is very exciting for genealogists.eBeloit History LSTA grant Beloit City Directory logo and wording

The digital collections are available free to view from any computer worldwide.

See how to access below:


Click on “Discover, Investigate, Grow”

Click on “Genealogy and Local History”

Click on “Beloit Local History Digitization”

Or click here for a shortcut:



Also go to the many other Genealogy database resources that are available on our BPL homepage free on any computers in Wisconsin

(Ebscohost Badgerlink is currently funded by the State of Wisconsin):

Click on “Discover, Investigate, Grow”

Click on “Genealogy and Local History”

Click on “Badgerlink for Genealogists”

Click on “I’m a Student? Educator? Genealogist?”

Click on “Genealogists”

Or click here for a shortcut:



There are other (genealogy, etc.) databases that Beloit Public Library pays for.

You have to have a Beloit Public Library card to access those,

or come use the computers in the Library Computer Lab,

or access through the Library wifi.

Now read the original announcement from DPLA:


Wisconsin joins the Digital Public Library of America

Posted by Recollection WI | Published on September 8, 2015
On August 28, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) announced that Wisconsin is one of the newest additions to its growing roster of partners. DPLA brings together the riches of America’s libraries, archives and museums and makes them freely available to the world. Since launching in April 2013, DPLA has aggregated over 11 million items from hundreds of institutions across the United States. These items come from a national network of Content Hubs, large digital collections from institutions such as the Smithsonian, Harvard University and the National Archives, and Service Hubs, state or regional collaboratives that bring together digital collections from multiple partners.

The DPLA Service Hub in Wisconsin will build on the Recollection Wisconsin statewide digital initiative, a collaboration of the Milwaukee Public Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WiLS, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Wisconsin Historical Society. As a Service Hub, Recollection Wisconsin will serve as the “on-ramp” for Wisconsin libraries and cultural heritage organizations to participate in DPLA, ensuring that local collections can be discovered as part of this innovative national program.

DPLA Digital Public Library of America

Wisconsin’s first contribution to DPLA is slated to go live in early 2016. It will consist of nearly 400,000 records representing photographs, books, maps, artifacts and other historical resources from more than 200 libraries, archives and museums. Many of these materials document the histories of communities across the state, including thousands of resources digitized by the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center in partnership with dozens of public libraries. Other materials to be made available through DPLA in early 2016 encompass major research collections held by Wisconsin institutions, such as the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Freedom Summer Project and the American Geographical Society Library collections at UW-Milwaukee.

“Partnering with DPLA will not only provide significant exposure for our digital collections, but will enable transformative uses of our cultural heritage materials,” said Ann Hanlon, Head of Digital Collections and Initiatives at UW-Milwaukee and Chair of the Recollection Wisconsin Governing Board. “We are grateful for the leadership and coordination that WiLS has provided to enable Wisconsin to partner in this ambitious and groundbreaking effort.”

To read more about the Service Hub planning process, governance and implementation timeline, visit http://recollectionwisconsin.org/dpla.


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