4 Ways to Search Your Family Tree on Google

(Note from Vicki – The Stateline Genealogy Club @ Beloit Public Library had a fun and informative webinar 1-8-16 on “Using Google Earth for Genealogists, Tracking Your Ancestor’s Paths”, by Lisa Louise Cooke.  We were inspired to download it on our own computers, and exploring using it for our own families lives.  A Handout is available next time you come to the Club.  Here is a chance for you to explore further Google options for genealogy, or to take a class online.)

1-11-2016 Article from Family Tree University

Vanessa Wieland,  Online Editor
Note from the Dean:
When I was a kid, my mother’s favorite reply to our questions was, “Look it up!” She had a set of encyclopedias she received as a wedding gift, and those were the items we used whenever we had to do history and social studies reports. By the time I hit high school, those encyclopedias were incredibly outdated (they predated the moon landing!) and falling apart but my mom refused to part with her favorite sources. It wasn’t until she moved that, with great reluctance, she finally let them go.
Then, she discovered the internet.

Google is such a popular search engine that the name has become a verb in common vernacular, another way of saying my mom’s favorite words, “Look it up!” But there’s a lot more to using Google than just typing in a search query; for genealogists, There are all kinds of handy tools for finding relatives, (living and dead) online, as well as organizing your research, verifying sources, connecting with people, and sharing your information. In fact, there’s so much information, it’s hard to know where to begin and how to make the most of it!

That’s where our 4-week online course, Google for Genealogy, comes in. With lessons on basic and advanced search tools, using Google Drive docs and spreadsheets, Google Translate, and more, you can use the tools at your fingertips to improve your genealogy and locate your ancestors. Read more below and sign up for the course today!

4 Google Genealogy Searches to Try

Course Details: Google for Genealogy
Date: 01/18 – 02/12
Length: 4 weeks
Price: $99.99
Instructor: Lisa A. Alzo


Google Tools

There are so many ways that using Google can help you find great information, from nearby restaurants, celebrity gossip and international news, even the latest developments in science! But do you know how to use Google to find your ancestry and develop your family tree? Check out these 4 ways of searching Google to aid in your genealogy research:
• Books
Google Books contains the largest online book collection and allows you to search them (yes, even inside the books themselves!) for information regarding your family history. You can start with an advanced book search on a person’s first and last name plus a phrase like “genealogy” or “family” in the Subject box.
• Newspapers
The Google News Archive Search covers newspapers back to 1738! Search by name to find obituaries or browse a paper by date to get historical context and find out what was going on in your ancestor’s life.
• Images
Want to see if you can find digital images related to your ancestors or where they lived? Why not search Google Images? You might be surprised at what you find! Bonus tip: You don’t have to restrict yourself to searching images; you can also search by image to find source information.
• Maps
This is one of the most commonly used Google tools, but Google Maps and Google Earth can show you more than driving directions. Get an up close and personal look at the street your great-grandma grew up on, even if you can’t make it there yourself with street view, and explore the historical maps and photographs on offer.
Search results can vary and only a small percentage of the internet is indexed, but more is getting added all the time! With a few techniques and tools at your fingertips, you can cut hours off your research time and save yourself quite a bit of frustration, as well as verify the accuracy of sources and other work done.

To learn more about these types of searches, plus more of what Google can offer, sign up for Google for Genealogy today!

Sign Up Now for Google for Genealogy online course

Google for Genealogy

• Google search essentials
• Advanced searching strategies
• Navigating Gmail and Google+
• How to use Google Books and the Google News Archive
• How to translate websites, documents and plain text with Google Translate
• Creating and managing Google Alerts
• Sharing documents with Google Drive




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