My DNA Dilemma – what would YOU do with these DNA kits?

(Note from Vicki – I will post any DNA testing sales that I get notices of.  This is a really long article with numerous comments.  I am putting a link at the end to the rest of the article.  The comments helped me understand more about how DNA testing works for genealogy.

There are 3 DNA testing companies – DNA, Family Tree DNA, and 23 and Me – each of which has different features.  Some genealogists suggest doing all three companies.  There are several tests.  The best overall one seems to be AncestryDNA, and the autosomal test.  It is preferable that you post the results in a GEDmatch, and have your family tree posted on so newly matched relatives can “find” you.

Ok, so I don’t even a family tree posted to  But my only oldest generation relative is my Mom who will be 85 this month, so I better get her tested for DNA before it is too late.

Have you gotten a DNA test for genealogy?  Which company and test did you use?  Let us know your experience.  I am finding it hard to understand all this information, but it is nice to know that Geoff also is challenged and that there is help.

In fact, we may have a DNA webinar this year at the Stateline Genealogy Club @ Beloit Public Library.  Be looking this week for a final calendar of 2016 programs. )


Legacy News Family Tree article January 08, 2016

My DNA Dilemma – what would YOU do with these DNA kits?

by Geoff Rasmussen

I’ve finally ordered a DNA kit. Two of them in fact. Now I’m wondering, “what now?”

I guess I’m late to the DNA-genealogy game. It’s been the talk of the community for years now, yet I’ve not felt compelled to jump in. I’ve learned a lot about DNA from our DNA webinar series and I’ve heard your stories of how DNA testing helped has helped you.

I’ve finally given in to your peer-pressure:
•”What, YOU haven’t had your DNA tested Geoff?”
•”Just do it Geoff – everyone’s doing it!”

and so when Ancestry’s DNA kits went on sale recently I did it. I placed the order. I’m almost a genea-DNA-peep like the rest of you.

Now I face my first DNA dilemma. Who should I test? The best answer is probably, “well, what are you hoping to find? What are your goals?” My current response is, “I’m not really sure.” But I still have three grandparents with me (age 92, 81, and 81) and something tells me I should work with them before much longer. I’d also be interested in having myself tested. Why? Because I’m interested in the results.

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One thought on “My DNA Dilemma – what would YOU do with these DNA kits?”

  1. I ordered the DNA test in November. Be sure to enter your own family tree information before you send a test in. I now have more leads than I will ever be able to follow up. I think it is an enjoyable way to search for extended family; but no help in finding viable leads.

    I have traced four branches of my ancestors to many countries, all the way back to the 1500/1600s; know where they came from; yet find the DNA analysis show that many of my ancestors are from Ireland – NOT!

    This test was a fun addition to my ancestry search, but for me, the results are less than accurate.


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