Mexican Ancestry Help Requested

(Note from Vicki – another email that I just discovered.  I answered her questions about my free BLOG, and told her that I would like to help her, and others, as a second job in a few years.  That will be awhile.  My BLOG will evolve to my BLOG at that time, and I would be able to have the time to do searches like this then. Meanwhile here are a few suggestions:

I looked on for “John Buchan, Florencia Buchan, or Florencia Yanes” in Mexico and Texas.  There was one possible John in Texas, but you can request a volunteer to get information at that website for specific names and locations. Try “” to see the history of the locations and how they may have changed names or countries.

Look up each of the family’s names, and there may be some family connections that you can piece together to get to the dod that you want.  I found it helpful to write out a Family Group sheet, timeline, and pedigree for the family/families in question to narrow down the correct names.  This is my own personal challenge the the Scots/Irish Culbertson family who used the same 6 first names for most of the individuals in extended families for generations.  (I kid you not!) has added a significant # of wills lately, so you may find more information now with another search. (Our Library pays to have the Library edition of, but it is only available in the building. Perhaps your Library has the same?)

For free, you can also try

I googled “Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico” and got a Texas University site with a collection of birth, marraige and death certificates from that time. I am not sure of the location for that region/state, but it could have been in California, or Texas for example.

You may find help if you contact the specific Mexican government offices (online), the same as we look for our County Courthouses in the United States, to get vital records.  Sometimes these are online, and sometimes you have to do a mail request for a fee.


“Margaret Ashby

Comment: I am desperate to find the death of Florencia Yanes born about 1812. She died 1844-45. I saw your site and I would love to see a death record for 18.2.1845 at Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
My problem that on Ancestry there about 8 deaths for Florencia Yanes, sometimes mistakenly written as Lanes on baptism of her children.
How does your site work? Is it free?
Florencia Yanes had 5 children by John Buchan at Guadalupe Y Calvo, Chihuahua from 1839 to March 1844. He was a famous English mining engineer in Mexico. Godparents for each child are her ? parents. Juan Jose Yanes and Marcellina Herrera. I have found a death for Juan Jose Yanes at Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon and some deaths in that state for Florencia in 1844-45 as well.
I have looked for so many years. She is my g.g.g. grandmother.
Hope you can throw some light on matters
Many thanks
Her children were Jose Robert Buchan, Esteban Buchan, Juan George Buchan, Clara Mauricia Buchan and Mariana Buchan.
I live in Australia

Time: Friday, 20 November, 2015”


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