Discover your family tree, together with

A new paid Genealogy Site with free trial with unlimited access but a limited time, discovered by Kim Caswell.

She found records and family members there that she had not found in years of genealogy searching.  The folks she has contacted there seem to be more serious about using verified information for their family trees, and research before linking others’ family trees to their.

Who’s Using; a MyHeritage company?

Families use Geni to work together on their shared family history, to stay in touch with family members, and be reminded of family birthdays and anniversaries.

Genealogists use Geni to collaborate with others on family history research.

Historians use Geni for documenting historical profiles and finding important family connections between historical figures.

Developers use Geni to build applications using data for over 150 million profiles contributed by 10 million users.

Geni’s World Family Tree connects 100,468,752 people worldwide and counting.

Collaborative and Social Resources Help You Build Your Tree Faster

Geni users are very active in discussions, where topics range from collaboration to help for beginners. A wealth of genealogy knowledge is shared in the discussions, and this is a great place for new users to get a feel for what Geni can offer.
View Geni’s Genealogy Discussions

Our Projects feature provides a workspace for genealogists with similar interests to collaborate, share learnings, and discuss challenges and discoveries. Projects can exist for specific lineages, surnames, broad interests, and much more.

Surname pages allow users to quickly discover profiles, document, projects, or discussions where that surname is tagged. Surname pages are crowd-sourced, so every Geni member can contribute to the “About” text for any given surname.

Our frequently updated blog is a portal for learning about new features on Geni, discovering interesting profiles and projects, and getting to know notable members of the Geni community. Follow the blog by subscribing via RSS, liking Geni on Facebook, or following Geni on Twitter.


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