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Frustrated with Microsoft Word as you work on your family history narrative or genealogy society newsletter? Here’s help!
Download a FREE Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys Cheat Sheet – and watch my latest webinar for FREE!

Earlier today, I delivered my latest webinar for Legacy Family Tree Webinars – the first of the Microsoft Word Training Series – entitled “Getting Started with Microsoft Word.” You can now access this recording for free for a limited time at by clicking HERE.

And here is an EXCLUSIVE FREEBIE just for you: A 2 page, color cheat sheet with every possible shortcut key to help you breeze through your Microsoft Word documents!  Click HERE to access and download!
You may not know it, but for many years I was a Certified Microsoft Trainer on apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I use Microsoft Word everyday to produce books, client reports and even complex financial reports. If there’s a secret trick in Microsoft Word, you can bet I know it . . . and I’m willing to share it with you!

While Microsoft Word – part of the Microsoft Office Suite – is one of the most dynamic software programs for document creation, various features can quickly frustrate even the most patient user. Learn the basics of Microsoft Word including “why” certain functions and features operate the way they do. Topics to be covered include basic document setup, styles, formatting and more.

Microsoft Word Training Series – all 11 courses now available


Brand new – the entire series of 11 classes which contains more than 7 hours of professional and incremental training on using Word is now available for webinar subscribers here.

If you could not make it to the live event or just want to watch it again, the 1 hour 44 minute recording of “Getting Started with Microsoft Word” PLUS the after-webinar party is now available to view in the webinar library for free for a limited time. Or watch it at your convenience with an annual or monthly webinar membership.

Subscribe for a month or a year and also have access to the recording and handouts for the duration of your membership.

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On-demand access to the entire webinar archives (now 317 classes, 460 hours of genealogy education)
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On-demand access to the live webinars’ chat logs
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New webinar – 11 Part Series on Microsoft Word with Thomas MacEntee
February 18, 2016

Many of us use Microsoft Word but how many of us know how to use it well? In his new Microsoft Word series on Legacy Family Tree Webinars, Thomas MacEntee makes using Word the right way easy for all of us. It’s no mistake! Thomas has over 25 years experience working in the Information Technology field; this includes many years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And the Thomas we know and love always makes learning seem so easy. Take advantage of this series to learn how to use one of the most under-rated tools in our genealogy toolbox!

The new Microsoft Word classes include:

Getting Started with Microsoft Word
Formatting Basics
Formatting Tips and Tricks
Solving the Mystery of Styles
Understanding Different Types of Breaks
Understanding Header and Footer Behavior
Mastering Numbering and Bullets
Mastering Tables
Creating Drawings and Graphics
Creating and Using Templates
Customizing Settings and Menus
We’re working hard to give our webinar subscribers the educational classes they need to maximize their genealogical research! All of these new classes are bonus webinars in the library. The webinar previews are always free.

OR Watch the whole series:

New 11 Part Series on Microsoft Word with Thomas MacEntee – webinar for a fee

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  • Chance for a bonus subscribers-only door prize during each live webinar
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