Wills, Probate & Family Documents in Genealogy

Wills, Probate & Family Documents in Genealogy

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Burlington Gateway Building
                Wills, Probate & Family Documents in Genealogy Research

The public is invited to the free workshop on “Genealogy in Wills, Probates, Estate & Guardian Records and other old family papers” on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 from 7 to 9 pm.

The workshop will give ideas on where and how to find these types of documents on the internet, in data bases, in archives and at repositories.

Wills and legal documents hold pieces of information on your ancestors beyond what you would expect.


Hear how the presenter, Bobbie Bolster,  discovered that though her Great Aunt sold her house in Texas, upon her death the family found out that it still belonged to their Aunt. The purchasers had never made payments on it. “Come to the meeting to find out what happened next in this real life story,” said Bonnie.

Genealogy details might be found in these documents that enrich the story of an ancestor’s life. One might find middle names, married names of grown children, prices of their horses, where they banked, who money was lent to, how much the new suit cost for the deceased, legal land descriptions of where they lived, a person’s own signature, and more stories,” said Judith Schulz, member.

Members are invited to bring a short-story example to share about something unusual, unique or surprising that they found in a will or probate or estate record. All participants are encouraged to bring questions on this topic, too.

The Genealogical Society welcomes visitors and members come from all around southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois to take part, and new visitors are always welcome. Members, both novices and experts, have researched ancestors from all around the world and have much to share. Memberships are encouraged which help to support the monthly programs and speakers.

2016 officers include Vice-President: Judith Schulz; Treasurer: Judy Rockwell; Secretary: Lynn Baumgartner; and Refreshments: Carol Krupski. Retiring officers include past President: Bonnie Bolster, and past VP: Judy Rockwell past Treasurer: Betty Bailey; and past Secretary Pat Fellner.

The session is held at the Gateway Building, Room 100; 496 McCanna Parkway, Burlington, Wisconsin; just past the Burlington High School.  Parking is free and the building is handicap accessible.

For information on the Burlington Genealogical Society, call the past president at 262-634-8815.


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