Fun Discoveries at Your Stateline Genealogy Club March 11, 2016

You can view a free webinar, if you missed today’s Stateline Genealogy Club Program, or review the MyHeritage webinar “Discover Your Scandinavian Ancestors” by clicking on previous webinars here:

And go to the 18 April 2015 webinar “Discover Your Scandinavian Ancestors”.

Lot’s of helpful information here on Scandinavian / Nordic genealogy, naming patterns, and history.  No wonder finding Nordic ancestors is difficult.

Great sharing and support at the Stateline Genealogy Club meeting.  Here the experiences that our Club members told us today:

We all discovered that our ancestors could have been in any country temporarily as borders change, and people move around.  Your German, Russian, or English ancestors could also be Scandinavian/Nordic.  Don’t blind your pathways to discovery by being a purist ethnic-searching snob.

Help comes from reaching out to other Club members, and by social media, to find over-seas genealogy angels who will help us by sharing pictures and their ancestry research.  Priceless: getting a photograph of your great grandfather at age 8 from a distant Swedish relative; getting a Scandinavian family pedigree researched by first names only (because they did not use surnames), being invited to attend the “Sons of Norway” club in Rockford Illinois to find out more about the language, being put in touch with a newly discovered third genealogist cousin in the next town, and finding out that you have a new (Scandinavian) avenue to find your German ancestors.

Attending any of the Club programs helps us to learn general techniques for our own ancestor’s searches, get hints from others, and a chance to network and enjoy our common hobby, and make friends; and a free door prize (thanks Kim 🙂

Ancestry will keep up to 300 of your  “discoveries” from when you send them to your email. These do not disappear and are an efficient technique to maximize your Library time to search more; analyze later.

We also learned that you can create/put your Family Tree on at home without joining.  Then save your Library time on our paid subscription to do your searching. Don’t be afraid to ask for a free trial subscription or extension from or others.

Resolved – before the next sale on genealogy DNA testing, I intend to:

Be better at documenting sources as I go,

Research and get more ancestors on my pedigree,

Learn how to transfer my family tree by,

Create a Family Tree on,

Get DNA tests for my Mom, and brother, and, and…..

Get results on for finding more relatives from the DNA test results.

Find out if I do actually have some Scandinavian/Nordic ancestors as a basis for my jokes about Vikings and my Scotch/Irish/Welsh/French/German ancestors.

The more through your Family Tree is, the more chances you get for the DNA testing to find correct relative matches, and to find incorrect relatives.  Other genealogists have a better chance at finding your Family Tree common relatives.

A genealogy club is a great support for us genealogists who do a lot of lone searching and data input.  If you don’t have a club available, I am glad to give you this BLOG support.  Consider this your club, no matter where in the world that you live; and happy searching.









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