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(Note from Vicki – sorry that I didn’t get you this sale information on BillionGraves from Thomas MacEntee earlier, but the free access looks powerful to use until another sale come along for the premium version. You might want to sign up for his site also to be notified of other bargains that he passes along. )

Your Last Chance to “Super Charge”
Your Cemetery Research!

Are you struggling with cemetery research when it comes to genealogy and family history? What about locating graves for those who are family members but the headstone simply says “Mother” or “Infant”? And can’t there be an easier way to locate nearby graves?

Recently I made the move from a “well known” grave location website to BillionGraves (click here to set up a free account and get instant access!) and I’m amazed at what I’ve found for my own research. In addition, the sense of “community” at BillionGraves is more in tune with the way I share genealogy information with others: we’re all working towards a common goal of documenting all the graves worldwide!

Announcing BillionGraves Plus – “Power Up” Your Research

Normally, I will use the “free” version of a genealogy website when I can. But recently, I took the BillionGraves Plus premium feature for a test drive and all I can say is: YES! And if you ask me is it worth the yearly subscription price? Again, a definite YES!

Read my recent review here of how BillionGraves Plus works and why it can help you work smarter when it comes to cemetery record research.  Wouldn’t it be great to take advantage of features like these?

  • Family Plots: 70% of all people are buried in Family Plots. This feature shows you where they are!
  • Nearby Graves: Family members that do not share the same family name are most likely found near other family graves. This feature allows you to see those headstones, sorted by distance from the one you selected. An example might be a headstone that is labeled only as “Infant”, “Mother” or “Father”.
  • Global Family: See everyone that shares the same family name on a map sorted by city, county, state, country or even the whole world. You can then zoom in and see the specifics.
  • Family Notifications: You will be notified immediately ANYTIME a NEW RECORD comes in that matches the name and location you have selected. You don’t have to search. We search for you.

A Special Offer from BillionGraves

The normal price for a one year subscription of BillionGraves Plus is $59.95. I have worked with the folks at BillionGraves to put together this amazing deal – one of the lowest prices EVER! You can get one year of all the premium features for just $39.97. You MUST use this link and already have a BillionGraves free account (if not, visit to set one up).

And this offer expires on Monday, March 14th at 5:00 pm Mountain time! Don’t let this opportunity to research “smarter” pass you by!

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Thomas MacEntee

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