Search for Genealogy Using Google Tricks

(Vicki’s note – Post from Family History Daily, by Ty at  Family History Daily

How fun to be so sauvy in genealogy computer searches that “…you’re geeky enough to be considered a computer by Google.”)

6 ‘Secret’ Google Search Tricks for Genealogy That’ll Help You Find Your Ancestors
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 ss cards

Image: Baltimore, MD. Every individual Social Security Account is listed in several ways in the Social Security Board Records Office. 1937. Library of Congress

Most of us use Google search to look for our ancestors on a regular basis. After all, once we’re done searching our favorite family history sites directly, Google is our best bet for locating new records online.

But finding valuable data via Google search can be hard since there are so many sites, and so many pages of data. After typing in an ancestor’s name and a few details we often find that we’ve turned up hundreds or thousands of results, and most of them are irrelevant.


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