Important UPDATE on (WHS) Wisconsin Historical Society Tour!

From Vicki Hahn:

Everything is still a go for our Van Galder bus trip to (WHS) Wisconsin Historical Society Tour in 2 days – Friday, July 22.

BUT the first bus LEAVES at 8:00 a.m. (not 8:10).

Please be there ahead of time so you don’t have to wait an hour for the next bus to Madison.

Especially because you will need to buy your bus ticket in the gas station ($18 round trip), as there may be a long line with the clerks busy ringing up for other purchases.

You cannot purchase bus tickets ahead of time online, but there is more information at


Meet us at the gas station on 15766 Manchester RD, South Beloit ILLINOIS, or drive your car to (WHS) Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison.


Will be in a meeting so she will have another staff do our (short) tour before we do our individual researching.  Lori (and other very knowledgeable librarians)  will be there to help you at the Reference desk.  You can contact Lori later for genealogy research questions as well.

We are expecting roughly 10 people, but anyone may join us.
Some will be coming by car, but you may have to park a long way away. Try the campus parking garages.

Bring water,  as it will be a heat index warning day.

The bus is  scheduled to arrive at Madison 9:20 a.m.
so plan for about 9:45 a.m. for the tour.
(but see below):

Delays due to I-90 widening project –
experiencing usually only minor delays, but significant delays are also possible when major events occur.

Madison, Wisconsin-UW Memorial Union Location Change
Message: Due to long-term construction activities, the current pickup and drop off for the UW Madison location is 800 University Avenue, near the Chazen Museum. Buses load along the sidewalk on University Avenue between Lake and Park Streets.

This is about a 1/3 mile walk.

Most of us will spend the whole day.  You can bring a sack lunch to eat in the hall, or go to a campus restaurant.

I encourage you to view the WHS orientation webinars,N:4294963828-4294963805&dsRecordDetails=R:CS4435

and look up the WHS collections

the WHS catalog

the WHS Family History Resources

ahead of time to make the best use of your time at WHS.

These resources are available to anyone, anywhere, to use from home anytime.

Remember, It is not just Wisconsin but other states, too.  Great map collection too.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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