Other Travelers – Part 1 – Genealogy Psychic Abilities and Me. Do Folks with Psychic Abilities Have an Easier Time Doing Genealogy?

Other Travelers – Part 1 – Genealogy Psychic Abilities and Me

Do Folks with Psychic Abilities Have an Easier Time Doing Genealogy?

by Vicki Ruthe Hahn, SGS Stateline Genealogy Sorter

August 9, 2016

This is the first of several occasional Posts that I am writing with the overall theme of “Other Travelers“.  These Posts will be about several topics.  They will be interspersed  with another series of Posts, “Stateline Travelers“, in conjunction with specializing in Stateline Genealogy .  I write this Post with all due humility and respect to anyone (including some friends) that do have psychic abilities.  The question inspires my fun-loving side to imagine a Genealogy joke, but I relay this with all seriousness.

Do Folks with Psychic Abilities Have an Easier Time doing Genealogy?    This is a question that I have pondered, as I host the Halloween/psychic programs each year, and talk with folks that have psychic abilities.  Their extra-sensitive perceptions of life-forces in a location may give them a greater sense of the person and historic events that once had been.  I had wondered if it was more than the (“what’s the big deal”) of documenting of moving light globs, temperature changes, sounds, etc.

To get a definitive answer, I asked a friend recently to describe her experiences observing at 2 local historic public places, and with many spirits or entities.  I appreciate her sharing this with me and giving me permission to share it with you.  She has known this type of super-sensing her whole life, and was 5 or 6 year old before she realized that some of the “people” she saw and talked to were not there.  All of us have some 6th sense abilities, but there seems to be a range.  My range is in the low end, but I have some ability of premonition.

My friend’s abilities are so great that she has to put herself in a bubble, setting up a barrier to protect herself from the “spirits”, “lingerers” or those that want to tag along with her to her home – “attachments” or “hitchhikers”.  She considers the term “ghosts” to be too trite.  She explains that they are thrilled, “You can see me and hear me”.  We get lonely when we don’t talk to someone in awhile; how about for decades or hundreds of years?  They want to talk to her and get her attention.  She answers them, if no one else is around.  This is all done verbally, and not in her head, to protect herself.

She finds the children the hardest, as they don’t understand.  One example – she realized that the 4 or 5 year girl on the tour was rather transparent when she saw a stool through her. The child  tugged and held onto my friend’s shirt, and asked her, “Do you know where my Mom is; can you see her?”.  Older spirits request, “Would you tell my family…”.  She asks them, “What year were you born? What year is it now?”, and then has to tell them, “I’m sorry, you died 300 years ago; you don’t have any family left.”  They don’t have a good concept of time – “Gosh, why do things look so different?”, asked a person who died in the 1930s.

She can sense historic events, and can tell the personalities and time periods of spirits:

  • A public museum had a large room that had once been two rooms remodeled long ago by the historic family.  She told the docent, “I sense a barrier here, was there a wall?”  The startled docent blurted, “How could you know that?  We just got the report back from the architect this morning that shows the room was two.”
  • A man spirit showed up in each of several rooms of a historic place, sitting in his recliner reading a newspaper with the historic year headlined.
  • A young girl dressed in the expensive laced dress of a previous era, spoke in a cultured (rich child) voice.  The clothes worn by some may be hand-me-downs from  previous generations i.e. a wedding dress handed down 5 generations.  (Our Stateline Genealogy Club @ Beloit Public Library program on November 11, 2016 will be “Contemporary Fashion through the Decades – How to Identify Your Ancestors’ Timeline by What They Wore”, by Vicki Ruthe Hahn.)  It was funny to have my friend relay the same fashion hints about the spirits.

My friend has run into “bad sources”.  (Sorry – just thought about another genealogy joke – always document your sources so that anyone else can access the same information later. Don’t leave bad sources.  Would these sources be “interviews”?)  The bad entity was the father and was stuck in the area of the house where he did bad deeds.  The other entities in the house were the scared mother, and the clueless child.  Each were trapped in a separate area.  I asked my friend if she has helped spirits “go to the light” and break the connections.  She said that she has taught them to “stretch” – slowly through to other areas, and to disconnection.

She has found that some spirits are stuck; some don’t understand, some have unfinished business, and some choose to stay.  Some won’t leave until their goals have been met – i.e. until their family finds a certain document.  Some come down “from the clouds” (heaven) to check on their loved ones.  My friend asked them, “Can’t you see and hear them from up there.”  Their answer, “yes, but I wanted to come here to be close to them and watch over them.”  Another spirit came and went by will from the house where she died to the house that she had used to live in.  She had “adopted” the new family and watched over them, as she had really liked that house and yard.   It sounds like we do have guardian angels.

My friend has even experienced a visit from her old dog after he passed.  The second dog, having never gotten along with the old dog, decided to sit on the, now available, favored part of the couch.  The second dog yelped, leaped straight up in the air, and jumped off the couch growling at the couch.  When asked if he was there, the old dog moved the one long fringe on the afghan that had always caught it’s claw, and gave the special whine that he had used to go out. (“Because he can’t talk”.)

Specific genealogy uses?  An older man appeared to my friend over her kitchen table, smiled and exclaimed, “You know me”.  When my friend later found the photo of her great grandfather, she said in amazement , “I do know you.”  Her great grandfather appeared, smiled, patted her on the shoulder, and waved as he left.

(I am tagging this “Ancestor Migration”, and “Genealogy Research Brick Walls”, and that’s more genealogy jokes.  🙂

Again, I thank my friend for trusting me to write this and for allowing me a sense of humor.  What an amazing ability and life experience she has had. I have learned a lot from her.  And she is a good genealogist too, even with the extra challenge of “too much ” information from unique sources.











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