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(Vicki’s Note – More about this great site – the information is from the  Genealogy Trails History Group site – click on the general link below to get to all of their other helpful resources.

Look at all of the treasures to explore!  Unlike other genealogy projects, this national site has data on it.  Every state is covered and lots of special subjects.

If you ever wanted to volunteer transcribing history books, or take on a Genealogy Website Project, this is the place to do it.  The link is also under my BLOG’s  Genealogy Links and Electronic Helps Banner.):

Genealogy Trails History Group

Our Goal
is to help you track your ancestors through time
by transcribing genealogical and historical data
for the free use of all researchers.

We started out way back in March 2000 by providing data for the state of Illinois and expanded to cover the other states in March of 2006. Since then, we’ve been very pleased to welcome the many new hosts who have joined our original Illinois volunteers, and to continue to bring free transcribed data to our websites.

About US

~ We’re all Volunteers ~
~ We’re completely independent – no big corporation tells us what to do ~
 ~ We do not accept advertising.  NO BANNERS or POP-UPs ALLOWED! ~
~ We’re pretty much insane about transcribing data – HOWEVER – we do NOT write the history, we just transcribe it ~

Our hosts are required to add data to their sites, so you won’t see hosted sites that sit for years and years with no changes. As for our unhosted sites, our group works as a team to add data to them on a rotating schedule. So even though a site doesn’t have its own host, it will still get data added to it … just not on as regular a schedule as our hosted sites.

We’re looking for folks who share our dedication to putting data online and are interested in helping to keep Genealogy Free.
If you are interested in hosting a website,
view our Volunteer Page for further information.

And now for the sad part:
We regret that we have no time to
perform personal research for anyone.
We’re too busy transcribing data to stop and do research for folks!

If you would like to be kept informed of our state and county website updates,

Subscribe to our MAILING LISTS
and check out our
Facebook page  

Unlike other genealogy projects, this national site has data on it.
These are more general topics — for specific state data,
you’ll want to visit our state sites from where you can access the county data.

African-American Data
Chuckwagon Recipes
Early Americans
Historical Data
Military Records
Miscellaneous Data
(Research tips are here)
Native American Data
Slavery Data
State Records
 Visit our State Sites
 NOTE: For Obituary Submissions:
This includes funeral home sites… unless the obituary is for your family and/or someone from your family wrote it.
If that’s not the case, don’t copy other sites’ data to submit to us.
Thank you for helping us to stay on the right side of the copyright laws!


Indexed under MILITARY:

Revolutionary War Pensioners in 1813

Pensioners on the Rolls as of Jan 1, 1883

  Soldiers who received Military Headstones from the Government
Over 160,000 names of soldiers.

Burial Places of Rev. War Soldiers

Distinguished Cadets of the Graduating Class of 1956 US Military Academy

Report of Deaths of Active and Retired Military Personnel

Muster roll of the Brig “General Armstrong” in 1814

Military Obituaries, from 1899

Ladies of the GAR

Miscellaneous Military News from 1900

Battle at Blue Licks, KY – last battle of the Rev. War

List of Union Prisoners at Richmond, Sept. 1861

Casualties of Battle of the Little Big Horn

Widows still alive in 1922

Mexican War Veterans still alive in 1922

Indexed On President’s page:

Obit of Mrs. Hoover

Obit of Mrs. James Polk

Biographies of Presidents Grant, Garfield, Cleveland and his wife Frances Cleveland

Timeline of Abraham Lincoln’s Life

Slavery and African-American Data

Lynchings from January to June, 1903

Biography of Frederick Douglass

1811 German Coast (Louisiana) Revolt

African American Facts and History – 1920’s

1850 Gazetteer
Fanning’s Illustrated Gazetteer – COMPLETE!
Description of the United States in 1850 — States, counties, cities/towns, post offices

Heirloom Recipes from around the Country

Chuck Wagon Recipes

Names of Fame in Framing America:
Obituary of Susan B. Anthony
– Biography of Daniel Boone
– Biographies of the Men who signed the Declaration of Independence

Indexed Under Miscellaneous Data:

Beginning Your Family History

Common Terms in Estate Records

Common Terms in Legal Records

Genealogy Dictionary
Indexed Under State Data

Prisoners of Alcatraz

Prisoners of Leavenworth

Newspaper Items concerning Rivers/Boats

Biography of Pioneer Stagecoach and Rail man Capt. Silas St. John

State Archives and Historical society websites

Indexed Under Native American Data

Trail of Tears Data

Indian Raids in Lincoln County, Kansas

Indian Traders at Pittsburg in July 1760

Obituaries and Death Notices – Death of Lyncoya Jackson

Newspaper Stories on Cherokees and Creek Nation

Indexed Under EVENTS:

Events of 1875

Car of Commerce Steamboat Disaster, 1828

Events of 1894

Greatest Maritime Ship Disasters

Genealogy in Time ranks us as the 48th most popular genealogy site WORLD-WIDE in 2016

ProGenealogists Ranked us as #15 on their Top 50 Most Popular U.S. Genealogy Websites in 2014
(and then ancestrydotcom bought them and that was the end of yet another free, unbiased website.)

© 2016 Genealogy Trails
All data on our domain of is copyrighted as a compilation of data
Data is free to copy to your computer for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Please do NOT take ANY data you find and send it to, copy it to or place on any other website.


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