Other Travelers, Part 6 – Life writing From the Viewpoint of a Four Year Old, and Me


Other Travelers, Part 6 –

Life writing From the Viewpoint of a Four Year Old,

and Me

(Part of the Series- “Other Travelers”)

by Vicki Ruthe Hahn – SGS Stateline Genealogy Sorter 


This is my cute grandson, Nehemiah (Miah).  On the slide he said, “I’m resting my feet”.    I have just had the joyful privilege of visiting all of my children and grandchildren in the last 2 months.  They are each the best kind of people, and I am very proud of them, how smart they are, and who they are becoming. (The adults and the children.)  

However, this little guy is a corker. Miah is very verbal; even telling himself long, complex self-created stories as he is relaxing to take a nap or sleep at night. This is even more amazing as his speech was delayed until he got ear tubes.  

At age 2 he had maybe five words, one of which was his favorite toy.  He excitedly burst into my guest room (then), with a ball held over his head, a smile beaming his face, and told me a whole happy-dance story exclaimed with only one word, “BALLLLLLLLL”! 

Our Stateline Genealogy Club @ Beloit Public Library program on Friday, December 9, 2016 is “Writing Your Family History, How to Record the Stories of Your Ancestors for Posterity”, by Tom Hess.  I thought it would be fun to show you another example of how you can write your own family history, by letting Miah be the author, (with Grandma as the transcriber).  It is a wonder how he comes up with some of his ideas since, he is an Arizona preacher’s son, and his daily environment is kept safe from harmful influences.  

The Super Moon“, by Miah 

I got to view the super moon in Tucson with some of my Grandchildren. 

Nehemiah, age 4, testified to us the next day, that the moon was –  

Stupendous!!!!!!”  with lots of long drawn out exclamation and big waving hand

movements overhead. 

“God; Heh God“, by Miah 

My daughter, granddaughter, and I were in the house when we heard Miah shouting from the backyard at the top of his loud, melodiously husky voice, “God; heh God!  Can you hear me?  I want to go to heaven.”  Granddaughter Ava laughed in wonder at her surprising brother.  Later when he came in the house, he asked, “Mom, how do you talk to God?” 

“Hunting”, by Miah 

Upon awakening, Miah tells his Mom, “Mom, I need a hunting outfit today”.  When she asked why, he responded, “I’m going to hunt mountain lions today.  I need a knife too.”  Sister Ava and I went with him down their cul-de-sac with our twig “knives” to help Miah track and hunt a mountain lion.  He pointed for me, “I’m going to that mountain there to hunt mountain lions.”  (There are 3 ranges of mountains visible around Tucson, AZ with many mountains.)  We “tracked” a mountain lion in the wash for awhile, with Ava putting claw marks onto a “track”.  When we were done, Miah exclaimed, undeterred, “Tomorrow, I am going to walk to that mountain there to hunt a mountain lion.”  Later that evening, his Mom asked, “What are you going to do if you catch a mountain lion?  Miah responded, “I’m going to cut it, and take off its fur, and eat its meat.”  (At least he is a conscientious hunter.)  

“Not Your Song”, by Miah 

Miah loves to hear songs as he is getting ready to sleep.  I was singing songs to him.  As I started “Care Bears Lullaby”,  Miah interrupted indignantly, “That’s Mom’s song!”  I explained that she was my little girl, and that she learned it from me when I sang it to her as a child.  He had to think about that, because Mom is Mom, not someone’s child!  I also told him that all of my children learned the song, and that they were singing it to his cousins.  When I followed with, “White Coral Bells”, Miah satisfyingly cooed, “That’s Grandma’s song!” The previous visit, he had loved that song so much that I sang it repeatedly, and later recorded it for him on Facebook with “my garden path” and “lilies of the valley” at my house.  

Take the time to record the charming things that your little people say in their daily lives.  It can be the basis of great family recollections later.  You can even just write it in a notebook, on Facebook, or (like my son-in-law does) write a letter to your child for each birthday summarizing what they experienced and learned the previous year. 

We know that Miah will have an important use for words in his adult life.  It will be exciting to see what he ends up doing for a living.  I think that he should have his own BLOG at least, but I had fun letting him share mine. 


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