DNA testing with My Heritage or Family Tree DNA

Vicki’s note –  CAGGNI  Computer Assisted Genealogy Group Northern Illinois December 2016 Newsletter, with lead article by President Alan Wilson summarized below.  See Link for the full newsletter of various article, and calendar of their programs and events. https://caggni.wildapricot.org/resources/Documents/Newsletters/2016/CAGGNI_2016_12_Newsletter.pdf

DNA testing with My Heritage or Family Tree DNA

DNA matching through MyHeritage (MH) – they announced the feature to down
load DNA test results from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) to MyHeritage (MH). This
provided a much better DNA matching service that one could obtain on the FT
DNA web page becauseMH has a well-developed system to display and
manage a family tree. With DNA data, MH could find matches more precisely than simply comparing names of people and places. Now, with DNA testing, the whole matching function becomes internal to MH. It is also noteworthy that at least for now, Ancestry does not permit DNA test resultsto be downloaded from other testing services into Ancestry. …
In terms of comparison between Ancestry and MH, each service has some advantages and disadvantages. Both services can support trees from subscribers, match them toDNA and find matches and records in databases. …
In my experience, MH is somewhat stronger for matching to European ancestors, while Ancestry is somewhat stronger for matching to American ancestors….
One lesson from experience with Ancestry is that they discarded services and features that were not profitable enough. For example, Ancestry discontinued Y-DNA testing andthey spun off Family Tree Maker software to MacKiev. I would not be surprised to see MH make
similar decisions as they find some services that are more profitable than others….
We should keep in mind that MH is an Israeli company, so the economic forces from their clients will be somewhat different, as compared to Ancestry.

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