Plan for March 3 – 5, 2017 Winter Virtual Conference

Vicki’s Note – offer from Family Tree University.  (I will do this some year, sigh.  Maybe you will get a chance to “Attend”?)

2017 Winter Virtual Conference

Get all the benefits of a genealogy conference from the comfort of your own home!



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Enroll Today
Course Runs: Mar 3rd 2017 – Mar 5th 2017

Over the course of three days, you’ll get access to the latest research methods for finding your family history, from DNA testing and the latest technology to new resources and search tools. You’ll get 15 presentations that you can download and keep, along with several live chats, access to professional genealogists through the discussion boards, along with tons of freebies and prize drawings. Sign up now to reap the rewards of a fun-filled genealogy weekend – and watch your family tree grow.

Don’t miss our early bird pricing! Use coupon EARLYVCWINTER at checkout to take $40 off the price – but it’s good only for a limited time!

Get a look at some of the features you’ll find inside the virtual conference and read more below.

What You’ll Get:

  • 15 half-hour video classes in a wide range of topics, including:
    • genetic genealogy
    • genealogy tools and technology
    • strategies and resources
    • genealogy organization tips and preservation strategies
    • geography, culture and ethnicity
  • Unlimited viewing: Your all-access pass gets you into all 15 classes during the three-day conference—you can even download the videos to watch again later or view ones you missed!
  • Make your own schedule: Because the video sessions are pre-recorded, you don’t have to show up at a specific time to catch the ones you want—or choose between sessions you’re interested in.
  • Live chats and message board discussions: Enhance your conference experience by participating in conversations with FTU staff and instructors. The live chat schedule will be posted in the Chats tab.
  • Daily Drawings for some fantastic prizes
  • Convenience: Unlike in-person genealogy conferences and seminars, you can take part in the Family Tree University Virtual Conference anywhere you can connect to the internet: at home, at the library, at the coffee shop with your laptop—choose the spot that works best for you. Best of all: No travel costs and parking hassles!
  • Value: Conference registration saves you a whopping $400 off the price of purchasing each video separately ($39.99). That means you’re getting all those videos, plus access to chats and discussion boards with our instructors and fellow genealogists, for a third of the price!
  • “Swag bag” of freebies from
  • Other fun activities and items you can share!


These 15 recorded video presentations mean you don’t have to choose between two conflicting sessions – you can attend them all. Plus, you’ll get to download these videos to watch over again and refer back to at any time.


Enjoy the following presentations on using DNA testing in your genealogy research.

  • DNA Adoptee Matches in Your Family Tree – Kerry Scott
  • X Marks the Spot: Tracing Your Female Ancestors Through DNA – Shannon Combs-Bennett
  • Applying Y-DNA Test Results to Research Challenges – Debra Renard
  • Using DNAland to Analyze Your Results – Kitty Cooper


From websites and online databases to the latest apps, you’ll discover the best ways to use handy tools and new technology in your research.

  • Online Passenger Lists – Lisa Alzo
  • Paper Stack to Evernote Stack – Kerry Scott
  • Storytelling Apps for Genealogy – Amy Johnson Crow
  • Freedman’s Bureau for Family History Research – Thom Reed
  • More to come!


In this track, discover the research strategies and tools for organizing and preserving your genealogy.

  • Organization Strategies in 5, 10, and 30 Minutes – Drew Smith
  • Treasure Maps: Follow Hidden Family Clues to Family Riches – Sunny Morton
  • Overlooked Federal Records and Repositories – Gena Philibert Ortega
  • Working with World War 1 Records – Gena Philibert Ortega
  • Prussian Genealogy Research Methods – James Beidler
  • Scotland’s Poor Law Records – Christine Woodcock

Scheduled Events

Fall Virtual Conference Live Chat

In addition to helpful video sessions and busy discussion boards, the Virtual Conference features a series of scheduled events, including the keynote, which will be a live presentation, and live chats (30-45 minutes each) on a variety of genealogy topics. These text-based chats are a place for you to ask questions of our conference moderators and other attendees, share your successes and brainstorm with other genealogists like you.

Full Schedule to be announced!

Keynote: The 6-Minute Story with D. Joshua Taylor
11 am Eastern /10 am Central /9 am Mountain /8 am Pacific

Live Chats (Times to Come)

Women on the Move: Female Immigrants – Gena Philibert-Ortega, moderator

DNA Q&A – Shannon Combs-Bennett, moderator

World War 1: Using Social History in your Genealogy – Gena Philibert-Ortega, moderator

Share Your Stumpers – Shannon Combs-Bennett, moderator

Genealogy Organization Tips: Spreadsheets – Shannon Combs-Bennett, moderator

Spinsters and Bachelors in the Family Tree – Gena Philibert-Ortega, moderator

Can’t make a chat? The transcript will be posted, and you’ll have complete access to the discussion board at any point during the weekend. With at least 2 live chats scheduled every day, you’ll have plenty of chances to join.


The Virtual Conference is three days of video presentations, live chats, and discussion – all the best parts of an in-person conference, but without the hassle of traveling, and best of all – you don’t have to miss a single presentation!

Each presentation is pre-recorded so you can make your own schedule – and they’re downloadable, so you don’t have to rely on your internet connection or watch them all in one weekend.

On the first day of the conference, there’s no long registration line – participants can log in to and use the drop down menu or the arrows [<] and [>] to navigate through the various pages. We do recommend you go through the orientation materials – with so much to see and do, that information can help you get your bearings.

At the bottom of each page, you’ll see the discussion boards and you can navigate through them to join or start conversations and ask questions.

The text-based live chats and the keynote are the only things that follow a schedule. Have to miss one? We create a transcript of each one that you can download, so even if you can’t participate, you can still benefit from all the good advice and discussions – and follow up on the discussion boards as well.

So much to do that you can’t squeeze it all into one weekend? That’s okay, too – another advantage of the virtual conference is that you don’t have to. If you haven’t had the chance to download everything by the end, you’ll have “read-only” access to go in and grab the presentations and chat transcripts, even after its all over.

Take a look inside to get a glimpse of what you can expect!


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