Introductory discount offer for MyHeritage DNA kit – expires January 31

Vicki’s Note – is a genealogy site where you can build a Family Tree for free.  Access to genealogy documents and other family’s trees is by subscription.  You get partial hints of shared ancestors by email after free “joining”.

 Once you have a tree created there, you get savings offers by email.  When I have looked at the offers, I shortly after get a phone call from MyHeritage offering an even lower discount on whatever.  The site seems to be less proprietary than 

The only problem that I had with my free family tree builder (and some other companies) was that I had to fight to get my preferred Internet top tool bar back instead of the MyHeritage one.  Be careful when downloading any site to un-check any McAfee free computer security (if you already have something), or banner/homepage/toolbar downloads, etc.  before accepting.

MyHeritage recently started offering DNA testing, equivalent to’s, except it is by an easier cheek swab method instead of spitting into a vial!  (My Mom had to spit a long time to get the required. ) MyHeritage claims to have more international customers than so you may get more matches.

If you have another DNA test from elsewhere, you can download it to MyHeritage testing for free.


Introductory discount offer for MyHeritage DNA kit – expires January 31

Our introductory discount offer $79 for the MyHeritage DNA kit will expire soon on January 31 2017. This is your last chance to enjoy this offer before prices go up.

Order your discounted DNA kit today — and make fascinating discoveries about your family history. See more details below.

The MyHeritage team



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