Famicity Kickstarter campaign is officially open

Vicki’s Note – Read more about this completely new way of sharing your family history with immediate family members, (and third cousins, etc, that you find with DNA testing!) More details about this private, family-oriented social media platform are in my January 17, 2017 Posting, &  this Press Release.


“Famicity: Record,Cherish, and Safeguard Your Family History
Even with today’s digitally connected, social media-centric world,
staying in touch with your family can actually be more difficult than ever.
Famicity changes this.
Famicity is a social network platform that allows you to share
cherished family memories–from the distant past to the present
–simply and privately, with all your relatives.
It’s a living record of your family at your fingertips,
and it’s coming to Kickstarter.
Famicity is designed for the collection of family memories.
There are no feed clogging ads, political articles,
or otherwise superfluous posts like on Facebook and other networks.
Famicity is also designed to protect, manage, and continue your
family’s legacy, no matter where you are in the world.
You can share photos, videos, and precious moments
with your entire family with privacy and a peace of mind.”


Press Release: Famicity Kickstarter campaign

is officially open

Lisa Louise Cooke_s Genealogy Gems

I am happy to let you know that the social media platform company that brings family history sharing practices to life, known as Famicity, has officially launched their Kickstarter campaign at www.famicity.com/kickstarter.
As I mentioned in my previous email to you, Kickstarter is a website that allows start-up companies to gain support for their ventures. In this case, it offers genealogists a way to become early adopters of this ground-breaking new service, and secure membership at a substantial discount.
The following link is to a press release outlining the wonderful features of this private, family-oriented social media platform. I hope you will share the news with your organization, community, and most importantly, your family: Famicity Press Release
If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them or put you in touch with the right person at Famicity who can do so.
Lisa Louise Cooke
Wishing you and your organization all the best,
Lisa Louise Cooke
Author, Lecturer, and
Producer of The Genealogy Gems Podcast

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