CAGGNI- Allen County Library Trip

Vicki’s Note – here is a reply from CAGGNI to my inquiry about the possibility of Stateline Genealogy Club @ Beloit Public Library members joining them on their road trip to Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I am still exploring possibilities, with my Library managers, of how I can be involved as Administrator of the Club – possible fund-raising, going, etc.  I wanted you all to have the following information, even if I end up not being able to be involved, so that you can plan to go as individuals.

I will keep you informed as I learn more.




Hello Vicki, ( Stateline Genealogy Club Beloit Public Library)

Thank you for inquiring about our up-coming road trip. We will be going June 15th -June 17th. I have set up a orientation with the library on Friday morning and they will have more staff to accommodate our group.

We will be having a speaker Sandra Trapp at the Schaumburg Library on April 22 , 10:00 AM  to help us with our searches prior to arriving.

CAGGNI has secured rooms at the Hilton in Fort Wayne for the the trip ( when you register you will be giving the information code). We are also in the process of getting reservations to a restaurant on Friday as a group.

I have done a survey and there is about 40 people and guests interested in going from CAGGNI. We also will be trying to help people ride share and room share. The cost of the Hilton is $136.. per night and it includes parking and breakfast. It is walking distance from the library. The Library, charges for parking $1.00 an hour and $7.00 per day.

We will be going over the library rules prior to the trip at the meeting on April 22., this is why we ask that guests are with a CAGGNI member.

You can join CAGGNI for $25.00 per year or contact us to have someone sponsor a guest.  Anyone going on this trip will be getting a name tag to be worn at the library as part of the group.

The cost of the trip is $10.00 for CAGGNI members and $15.00 for Guests.

The money for the fee of the trip goes toward registration forms and laminated maps and agenda(Trip at a Glance). .We give the library $100.00 gift from this.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Martha Marti Gustafson

Road Trip Charperson CAGGNI


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