AtoZ databases at Library

Vicki’s note – email I received 2/22/17 about the phone/address/jobs/businesses/address history database the Library pays for.  Useful for recent/living genealogy family searches.  You can send hundreds of emails from there for family reunions etc.  Link is on “” homepage and BLOG “Genealogy Links and Electronic Helps” tab.

AtoZ databases has some new features – you can save your search, and there is a “news” feature button for a business.

They give pre-scheduled 20 – 40 minutes training sessions on-line at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Mondays are general training; Wednesdays are job searching, Fridays are How to Grow a Business.

They also have video training on the site at all times.

AtoZdatabases URL change


Hello everyone,

AtoZdatabases has recently performed a security upgrade to provide you with the best internet security when using AtoZdatabases.   We would like to request that you update the URL for AtoZdatabases to    This will improve your security and access reliability.  Additionally, it will allow your patrons to see the green lock box in their browser when using AtoZdatabases, giving your users the reassurance that the site is secure.   Please feel free to call us with any questions or assistance that you might need.  Thanks much!

Christine Smailys

Sales Manager


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