Beloit, Wisconsin has a City Flag!

By Vicki Ruthe Hahn, SGS Stateline Genealogy Sorter.


(9-16-2018 Vicki’s Note – Update see  Cliff’s “Real Fun with Flags” BLOG, and his comment. Here is an excerpt from it on Beloit’s flag:

8 sideways


Best:  Beloit

Great (and unusual) colors. I also like that thing in the middle (it’s a water wheel), as well as how easily it fits in with the rest of the flag. Somebody thought this one out!

Whence the water wheel though? Turns out one of the things that attracted settlers to this place in the first place was the water power. Here are a couple of interesting fun facts about the city:

  • The name was fashioned after Detroit (and is, in fact, pronounced as if the two rhymed)

  • Is where the speedometer was invented

  • Is also the home of Korn Kurls, arguably the first snack

  • Claims Danica Patrick as a famous daughter

8 sideways

City of Beloit flag, Beloit Public Library souvenir plate, and paperweight on Library Beloit Area Family Histories bookcase.  I believe the flag was created for the Beloit Centennial.

Hint – Beloit Public Library collects family histories of families and individuals linked to the area of Beloit, WI.  Look in the local libraries of where your families lived to find those, and local history.

BPL Beloit Families Bookcase & Flag


Thanks to Kim C. posting on the “closed” Facebook Group, “Beloit WI – Remember When”.  Hint – search for these types of groups in the areas your families lived.  There is a lot of reminiscing about local history that can teach you more about the people, clubs, businesses, and events that happened in the recent past history.

“It’s No Secret – Beloit Has a Flag” from Nov. 10, 1981 Beloit Daily News:

“According to the article, the left side is yellow and the right side is green with a strip of blue dividing down the center. The Yellow portrays fields of ripened grains. The green, the prairies and pasture lands and the blue the rock River.
Overlaid on the background is a ‘flaming wheel’ of red and blue. The center portrays the dammed mill pond around which the cities industry developed. In the center of the circle in red, a wheel is made to represent a ‘turbine, spoke, flange and vane’ that were important to early Beloit industries.”

There are other Beloit Wisconsin Facebook Groups as well:

165 members – closed group – ask to join
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success ~ anonymous The purpose of the group: Pass on vital information that is” relevant to African- American people with connection to Beloit WI.
And area groups Rockford (IL) Rewind
These groups tend to have lots of old photographs of the area, ads, and people.  Just search on Facebook for the city/state name to find groups for your ancestors locales.

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