Organizing Your Genealogy Stuff

Vicki’s note – article by Vanessa Wieland, Family Tree University about a webinar by Paula Stuart-Warren.


Conquering the Chaos,

Organizing Your Genealogy Materials


Take a Little Time


Researching our family history can turn up a lot of paperwork…and that’s a good thing. But how do you keep that data from overwhelming your research? Try this: Set aside five minutes every day to organize your work. Clear your workspace, file all those digital downloads into the appropriate folders and set your goal for the next session. Learn more organization strategies with our live webinar tomorrow!

Use Historical Details to Tell a Story

Ancestor's Story

When it comes to your ancestors, the details are what makes their story come alive. Do you know what movie or play was showing at the time? What songs they were listening to on the radio? Historical events and places create a background that will add color and context to their story, and can provide insight into what they were talking about. It can even provide clues to finding more records. Learn more…

Lay Down the Law


Judy Russell says, “To understand the records, we must understand the law.” We don’t have to go to law school but looking into the local laws where your ancestors lived will reveal what records exist and their contents. That can open a lot of avenues in your research, including how to access the records and answer questions about your ancestors you wouldn’t have thought to ask. Learn more…

Conquer the Courthouse: Know Before You Go


It’s perfectly permissible to wait until you get to a courthouse and then ask where each record you want is housed and how far back it goes. But it’s not the most efficient approach. The records may exist at another location, which can be a hassle for those with limited time or transportation. Use online tools and digitized or microfilmed records to free up more time at the courthouse to dig for obscure or hard-to-find records. Learn more…

The Early Bird Gets the Worm


Learning new research techniques and tools pays dividends and there’s no better way to develop your research skills than with a conference. D Joshua Taylor will present on Legal Traditions in Colonial American Genealogy, plus, you’ll discover Things to Purge and Save with Denise Levenick. There’s still a lot more to come, but don’t wait too long to sign up! You don’t want to miss Early Bird registration.


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