The Value of Stateline Genealogy Club @ Beloit Public Library & Interlibrary Loan & Library Staff

The Value of Stateline Genealogy Club

@ Beloit Public Library & Interlibrary Loan

February 16, 2017

Vicki’s note – a recognition from Cheryl’s, and my supervisor, Michael DeVries and from author Jim Lateer.  We will have the book in the Beloit Public Library.  Thank you Jim.  It is nice for librarians to be appreciated by an author for our work, which we love doing anyway.  The same type of help is available at public libraries for anyone looking to gain genealogical resources.


Beloit author Jim Lateer recognized and praised Cheryl Blake, Vicki Hahn, and the staff, in the introduction of his newly published 2018 book on the history of the John F. Kennedy Assassination – “The Three Barons”. Jim is a regular member of Vicki’s Stateline Genealogy Club @ Beloit Public Library and a major Interlibrary Loan Services user.
From the acknowledgments:

“The Three Baron’s Introduction:

“Next, I would like to thank the staff of the Beloit (Wisconsin) Public Library. Cheryl Blake is an expert in inter-library loans and a veteran of 30 plus years in that specialty. Vicki Hahn, also of the Beloit Public Library has arranged training for me and others on the best use of the incredible resources of the Wisconsin Historical Society and its unparalleled collection of history books, one of the best such collections anywhere.”

Michael DeVries


And from Barnes and Nobel:

And from  Google Books:

The Three Barons: The Organizational Chart of the JFK Assassination

Front Cover
Trine Day, Dec 29, 2017History384 pages

The Three Barons proves that it is possible (with enough research), to reconstruct the organizational chart of the JFK plot. This book provides the first useful, in-depth analysis of the 120 phone calls by LBJ in the week following the assassination regarding such items as the Civil Rights Act, demands made by the military and similar political power plays. The Three Barons presents the first use of statistical factor analysis to identify the plotters, using a database of 30 books and 1500 names and examines the military officers allegedly close to the plot, such as NATO Commander Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, General Lauris Norstad, and JFK’s advisor, Gen. Maxwell Taylor. For the first time, the National Security Council, its structure and its members, are scrutinized for their obvious role in the JFK plot. More specifically, The Three Barons explains the role of Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon and his father, investment banker Clarence Dillon, who likely had fascist sympathies. This book identifies, for the first time, why there were three actual barons involved in the plot and why at least three members of the Warren Commission had powerful Nazi connections, beginning in WWII and continuing through November 22, 1963.

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