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Vicki’s note – is a Volunteers contribution site similar to,and it is worth exploring to see if any of your ancestors may be listed there.  Their contest to increase volunteers photographing/documenting grave sites might be of interest to you.  may have more more graves sites from worldwide cemeteries, as seems to specialize in grave site records for mostly the United States, although they do list worldwide cemeteries.  FindAGrave is now owned by, and is a free on-line site at this time. 

BillionGraves is a free on-line site, and they also have a subscription for enhanced searching – has an APP that you can download on your phone or tablet to use on site. FindAGrave does not have an APP, as far as I have seen. (Correction 29 May 2019 – see comment below.  FindaGrave does have an app.)

BillionGraves has a GPS connection shown on each grave site which helps on-site searching – “A satellite map of the cemetery opens with a GPS marker tagging your ancestor’s gravestone!”

FindAGrave has a designation to the GPS and Latitude/Longitude directions for the cemetery under “Show Map”  (once you look up the Cemetery by name/location).  You still have to find the headstone.

Hint – sourcing the cemetery/grave location site is best done by adding the Latitude/Longitude directions and the full address to the cemetery information on your family tree software and print records.  Following this Genealogical Proof Standard allows anyone to find the same information that you have found.

BillionGraves says –

“Our goal is to preserve precious records found in cemeteries throughout the world. We use modern technology to capture images of headstones with their GPS locations so users worldwide can access those records anywhere. BillionGraves strives to do just that: preserve at least one billion graves. And we won’t stop there!”

You can read more details on the differences between and by clicking on this link –

This is the information that they sent to my email about the contest.:

“BillionGraves’ 8th annual Million More in May Competition has begun and we have some awesome prizes for you!

Read all about it HERE!

Let’s work together to add a million more records to the BillionGraves database in May! The more gravestone photos you take or records you transcribe, the bigger the prize!

And EVERYONE can be a winner! Come find out here how you can take photos of gravestones or by transcribing gravestone images to win great prizes like these:

  • iRobot Roomba Vacuum
  • WiFi and Cellular iPad
  • $500 of professional genealogical services
  • gravestone cleaning kits
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Echo Dot
  • BillionGraves Plus subscription
  • Bose headphones
  • and more!

Follow the top photographers and transcribers throughout the month of May on BillionGraves’ leaderboard!

We’re grateful for your contributions to bring more cemetery data to the genealogical world!

Thanks a Million (in May)!

The BillionGraves Team

P.S. Cemetery documentation with the free BillionGraves app is an awesome service project idea! If you would like some help planning a group cemetery event, send an email to and we will be happy to assist you!”

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  1. FindAGrave does have an app. I use it regularly while in the cemetery. You can take pictures straight through the app for the memorials. Its the reason they gave for the revamp/restructure of their website, so that it would be more inline with the app.


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