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2 thoughts on “Comment and Questions About the Club or Blog”

  1. Recently Added to the Beloit Library Genealogy & Reference section was the “Pioneer Beloit” Book written by Arthur Luebke. The book discusses the pioneers of Beloit and others from it beginning. This book is an interesting read with a few surprises.
    I strongly urge genealogists to read this. Especially if you have had family or distant relatives in the Beloit area from long ago.
    It was brought to my attention that my (married) last name is mentioned in the book. I had to check it out. As it turns out, A gentleman was named in the book who did in fact turn out to be an ancestor of my husbands family. Since then, a neighbor was skimming through the book and discovered HE had an ancestor named in the book. For him, he had some knowledge of the ancestor in Beloit’s early development but had no real idea of the role they played.
    So folks – check out this book. Either get the borrow-able copy or take a look at the copy in the Reference section.
    You might be surprised at what you find.


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