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Access Newspaper ARCHIVE PDF View Discontinued

Vicki’s note – Update from WI Libraries for Everyone – this is one of the major databases that we use for searching for (non-Beloit) historic newspapers at the Beloit Public Library.  I use it a lot for my own research for my family, and for others.

It is still available for free on our Homepage, through Badgerlink in Wisconsin.  Other States have different ways to access it, as each state chooses whether to pay for access (to this and other databases) for their citizens.

The only thing I found for Illinois so far is this:

The Illinois History –Digital Imaging grants expand access to electronic collections through the Illinois Digital Archives database maintained by the Illinois State Library (thru Jesse White, the Secretary of State. To view the collections and other historical artifacts, visit the Illinois Digital Archives website at http://idaillinois.org/.

We will just have to get used to using it a different way.  If you have not used historic newspapers in your family sleuthing, I recommend that you try this out.  I will be using it again soon to see how the new method works.

WI Libraries For Everyone:

Access Newspaper ARCHIVE

PDF View Discontinued

Access NewspaperARCHVE PDF View Discontinued

Posted: 21 Jul 2017 09:11 AM PDT

Friday, July 21, 2017

After September 30, 2017, in Access NewspaperARCHIVE, you will no longer be able to view an article as a PDF. But don’t worry, you will still be able to download newspaper pages as PDFs.

The PDF viewer is being discontinued because PDF images are much larger than the JPEGs, taking a considerable amount of time to download and also putting a massive load on Access NewspaperARCHIVE’s servers. Additionally, Adobe Viewer is a third party platform which means Access NewspaperARCHIVE has no control over how the end product is displayed to the user.

After the transition away from the PDF Viewer, you will still be able to download in 2 easy steps.

1. Click on the envelope in the toolbar.

2. Select Save as PDF.

Written by:
Kara Ripley, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning


Another brick wall solved

(Vicki’s Note – article from Legacy Family Tree, Posted by Geoff Rasmussen May 16, 2016.  The database mentioned below needs a paid subscription – “Newspapers.com”.     Wisconsin residents can use the Badgerlink “Access Newspaper Archives” for free.  It is through the Beloit Public Library homepage “Beloitlibrary.org” > “Discover, Investigate, Grow” > “Badgerlink” > “I’m a Genealogist” > Access Newspaper Archive“. ):

Another brick wall solved

Wooohooo! Another brick wall mystery solved!


When I heard how it was solved, it made me feel that everything we’re doing here with our Legacy software and our webinar series is worth all the time and effort we put into it. And when I read of the excitement from someone who has just solved a genealogical puzzle, it lifts my spirits and gives me renewed hope for my lost ancestors. So, congrats to Susan Biddle, and with her permission, I have republished her comments that she wrote in our Legacy User Group on Facebook below.

Here’s her initial comments:


She totally left us all hanging, didn’t she? 😉 What tips, what webinars, and how did she do it? So after a bunch of “likes” and people asking her how she did it, she filled us in:


Once again, congrats to Susan! And Beth Foulk deserves kudos for her Problem Solving with FANs webinar. And let’s give some extra kudos to Elizabeth Shown Mills for inventing the FAN concept (Friends, Associates, Neighbors). And for whoever it was that gave the newspaper tips, well done!