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My Muir Family

My Muir Family

by Vicki Hahn

Katherine Kemnitz suggested looking up your ancestors by googling ‘your family’s name’ society”.

I am lucky enough to have a brother – John Ruthe, who decided he wanted to be the clan leader of a Scots/Irish Clan in Alaska, where he lives.  He had several Scots/Irish branches of our family to choose from.

(We are Welsh, English, German, French, as well. And my children have Bohemian, and American Indian.  The grandchildren add Ethiopian, Swedish, and others.  So I’m Heinz 57 and will learn about a lot of ancestry.)

John decided to research our Muir (Moore) family and was able to go back to 700 a.d.

And yes, I am very proud of him, and his initiative and results.

He used “tribalpages.com” – which promises – “Build your free family tree online easily and effortlessly with Tribal Pages genealogy tree maker & free ancestry tree research tools.”  Now, one of my efforts will be to verify the quick family history that he got by glomming onto others’ family trees there.  I know that he did not do our Club standard recommended search – verify each fact of your family history with 3 sources.  But, assuming we actually go back to the ancestors that he found, my family has a clan, a tartan, a castle, a crest badge, a motto, and a herald.

John “proved” his/our direct link back to the Muir Clan, and now is the tribal clan leader for Alaska – judging at Highland Games, while wearing the Muir Tartan kilt.

John on the left

John Judging Games
John judging

John on the left in Muir Tartan Kilt .

John connected us up to  “our” Muir Facebook Site:

Official Clann Muir Society WorldWide.

Look it up if you only want to know more about Scotland/Ireland history, or just like watching videos of marching kilt-wearing men as they play bagpipes and drums.  So fun.

Clan Muir Herald and Tartan
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My (Moore) Muir Family Tartan.  I always knew that Blue/Green was my favorite color, and yellow and red were “my” colors.  Now I see why.

Muir Herald
Muir Crest Badge

Muir Clan Motto – “Durum Patientia Frango”

(By patience I break what is hard).


Muir Family Herald

We got notified, as Muirs, about a book on this webpage


“Welcome to The Mures! This site is all about Family – including those whose surnames are More, Moore, and Muir. And including those with Scottish and Irish roots.

I have started this site primarily to get my Mure family history, just published, before the public. The book is titled The Origins of the Mure Family. Written by Robert B. More…”

I did buy the Muir book.  Very interesting ancient family history (mine 🙂

Writing a book is one way to save your Family History Genealogy Research.  (Ask me about a Family History Genealogy Research form to add to your will – it let’s your family know how important it is to you, and you can suggest people/institutions to inherit your research.)

We will be exploring the writing of family histories more in Stateline Genealogy Club programs.

Rowallan Castle

Rowallan Castle 1876, home of the Rowallan Mures

Alrighty then, there are some examples of how you can connect up (easily) with more about your family history.

How many more family surnames to go??