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Some Family Tree Software And On-line Options To Consider

Some Family Tree Software Options To Consider

May 16, 2018

Vicki’s note – Once you find several families in your family history, it is time to look into organizing them onto a computerized family tree.  Here is an update on some options that you may want to consider:

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From Ancestry.com Family Tree Maker FAQ

In 2016, Ancestry.com got out of the software business to concentrate on their database.  They sold their Family Tree Maker software to Software MacKiev.  There has been a transition to the new owner with Ancestry.com continuing support of Family Tree Maker support.  

It seemed that I did not hear a lot about a finished stable product,until I searched the Ancestry.com website for this information.  The beta testing is over and they worked closely with MacKiev to make sure there would still be the ability to upload, download, and sync Family Tree Maker to Ancestry.

Software MacKiev is using a new syncing technology incorporated into Family Tree Maker 2017, called FamilySync™. Family Tree Maker 2017 is now available for purchase on MacKiev.com. The new technology, FamilySync™by Software MacKiev, replaced Ancestry’s TreeSync®.

“What you should know:

  • On March 29, 2017, Ancestry and MacKiev permanently retired TreeSync.
  • FamilySync is available only in Software MacKiev’s Family Tree Maker 2017.
  • Family Tree Maker editions prior to 2017 are no longer able to sync with Ancestry trees, but older software is still usable as a standalone program.
  • Ancestry search, merge, and tree hints will continue to work in Family Tree Maker 2017.

How can I continue to connect Family Tree Maker to Ancestry?

You’ll need to upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2017. Family Tree Maker 2017 allows you to sync Ancestry trees, search Ancestry records, and receive Ancestry hints.

The features below are available in Family Tree Maker 2017:

  • Syncing your trees in Family Tree Maker to your Ancestry trees
  • Searching Ancestry’s databases and merging data into your tree
  • Viewing Ancestry hints
  • Uploading and downloading a trees
  • Web dashboard Information
  • The interactive map
  • Viewing sources on Ancestry

How can I purchase Family Tree Maker 2017?

Family Tree Maker 2017 for Mac and Windows is available for purchase by visiting MacKiev.com.

Do I need a new Ancestry subscription to use FTM 2017?

Any Ancestry subscription may be used with Family Tree Maker 2017.”

If you have an Ancestry.com subscription, you can build on-line family tree(s).  Once your subscription ends, you can no longer access your family tree to make additions or to edit it, until you pay for a new subscription.

“From https://support.ancestry.com/s/article/Differences-between-Ancestry-and-Family-Tree-Maker :

Ancestry is a website, and Family Tree Maker is software you install on your computer. Ancestry can be accessed only from web browsers (such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and (on mobile devices) the Ancestry app, while Family Tree Maker can be accessed even when a computer is not connected to the internet.

Though Family Tree Maker software works with Ancestry, Family Tree Maker is sold and supported by Software MacKiev.”


From http://www.rootsmagic.com/ancestry/

RootsMagic and Ancestry: Working Together at Last

“Last year, we announced we were working with Ancestry® to integrate Ancestry Hints® and Ancestry’s records and online trees with our software. After months of development and the feedback of thousands of testers, we’re pleased to announce the release of RootsMagic 7.5, a free update to RootsMagic 7 that adds two amazing new features: TreeShare™ for Ancestry and the addition of Ancestry Hints to RootsMagic’s WebHints™ feature.

TreeShare for Ancestry

RootsMagic’s TreeShare for Ancestry will let you move data between your RootsMagic files on your computers and your personal Ancestry online trees. You can transfer people, events, notes, source citations, and even pictures between the two systems.

RootsMagic users also gain the ability to easily share and collaborate with others by giving family members access to their Ancestry online tree. Using the new TreeShare feature, family members can then synchronize the latest changes and additions to both the online tree and their desktop computers.

Ancestry Hints Integration

RootsMagic leverages the Ancestry Hints capability, and as possible matches are found, users may conveniently review them from within the software. RootsMagic then lets you add new information and media from matching records into your file.

Free RootsMagic Essentials Software

For those that are just starting their journey into the world of genealogy, RootsMagic offers “RootsMagic Essentials”- a free version of their software with a limited set of features tailored towards beginners.

If you have an account with Ancestry, RootsMagic Essentials includes the ability to upload your file to Ancestry or download your existing online trees from Ancestry. If you are a subscriber to Ancestry, RootsMagic Essentials also allows you to search and view all of the content in your subscription. Those wishing to compare and transfer individual records between RootsMagic and Ancestry will want to use the full-featured RootsMagic software.”


Here are some other Software products to record your family tree on:

LegacyFamilyTree.com – has a robust, free “Standard” computer software version, and the option for a paid “Deluxe” version.  I have used the basic free software, and decided to purchase the deluxe for the enhanced features.  Your Family Tree is not on-line.  MyHeritage.com and Legacy Family Tree have created a partnership (separate yet linked).  On LegacyFamilyTree, you can receive hints for MyHeritage.com, but can only see brief information without an additional subscription.

MyHeritage.com itself has a free basic (on-line) family tree (250 people) that you can create, with a full (on-line)family tree available as part of a subscription.

TribalPages.com is another free (on-line) family tree  – Family Tree Maker.  Others can only see it if you invite family and relatives to view or update your family tree website.

“Each ancestry project becomes its own private and secure website that can be loaded with photos, charts, reports, maps, relationships, events and stories. Just add names of your relatives & ancestors or import a GEDCOM file and instantly create your free family tree. Your site can create custom newsletters for each member with birthday and anniversary reminders, recent site activity and send them out every two weeks.”

You can share/copy your family tree to any of these by importing a GEDCOM file from any other site, and instantly create/duplicate your family tree.

FamilySearch.org is another on-line site where you can create a family tree.  It is my understanding that, not only is it on-line, but that anyone in the world can add/change “your” tree.  It is a shared tree.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints manages FamilySearch.org.  You can send in corrections for them to consider changing.

FamilySearch will discontinue its microfilm distribution services.

Vicki’s note – 6-26-2017 news update – thanks to Ron Zarnick.  These are the microfilms that you can order from FamilySearch.org to be delivered to your local  Church of the Latter Day Saints Family History Center.  They must feel that they have enough information online now so that it is more affordable not to send them by mail.  So if you wanted to order some microfilms for research, here is your deadline.:

On September 1, 2017, FamilySearch will discontinue its microfilm distribution services.  (The last day to order microfilm will be on August 31, 2017.)

FamilySearch Records Update: New records added

(Vicki’s Note –  by Geoff Rasmussen in FamilySearch May 05, 2016 article.  Remember that FamilySearch is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I have no association with it, but find it a useful, free website to complement Ancestry.com. ) :


FamilySearch Records Update: New records added

FamilySearch Records Update: New records for Canada, France, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, and United States
May 05, 2016

Millions of new US an international records this week including Philippines Civil Registration (National) 1945-1984, New Zealand Archives New Zealand Probate Records 1843-1998,Massachusetts Town Clerk Vital and Town Records 1626-2001, France Saône-et-Loire Military Conscriptions 1867-1940 Russia Tatarstan Church Books 1721-1939, Paraguay Catholic Church Records 1754-2015, and Ukraine Kyiv Orthodox Consistory Church Book Duplicates 1734-1920. Find these and more by following the links below.

Arkansas Ex-Confederate Pension Records 1891-1939
California Fresno and Napa Counties Obituaries 1974-1997
France Saône-et-Loire Military Conscriptions 1867-1940
Iowa Church and Civil Marriages 1837-1989
Iowa County Marriages 1838-1934
Lesotho Evangelical Church Records 1874-1983
Massachusetts Town Clerk Vital and Town Records 1626-2001
Massachusetts Town Records ca. 1638-1961
Michigan Church Marriages 1865-1931
Michigan County Marriages 1820-1940
Added indexed records to an existing collection
New Brunswick Saint John Saint John Burial Permits 1889-1919
New Hampshire Birth Certificates 1901-1909
New Zealand Archives New Zealand Probate Records 1843-1998
New Zealand Auckland Waikumete Cemetery Records 1886-1948
Ontario County Marriage Registers 1858-1869
Paraguay Catholic Church Records 1754-2015
Pennsylvania Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records 1865-1936
Peru Lambayeque Civil Registration 1873-1998
Peru Puno Civil Registration 1890-2005
Philippines Civil Registration (National) 1945-1984
Russia Tatarstan Church Books 1721-1939
Russia Tver Church Books 1722-1918
South Carolina Deaths 1915-1965
Ukraine Kyiv Orthodox Consistory Church Book Duplicates 1734-1920

Help Us Publish More Free Records Online

Searchable historical records are made available on FamilySearch.org through the help of thousands of online volunteers worldwide. These volunteers transcribe (or index) information from digital copies of handwritten records to make them easily searchable online. More volunteers are always needed (particularly those who can read foreign languages) to keep pace with the large number of digital images being published weekly online on FamilySearch.org. Learn how you can volunteer to help provide free access to the world’s historical genealogical records online at FamilySearch.org/Indexing.

About FamilySearch International

FamilySearch is the largest genealogy organization in the world. FamilySearch is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services to learn more about their family history. To help in this great pursuit, FamilySearch and its predecessors have been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide for over 100 years. Patrons may access FamilySearch services and resources for free at FamilySearch.org or through more than 4,900 family history centers in 132 countries, including the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Posted by Geoff Rasmussen in FamilySearch.

My Experience with Legacy Family Tree Maker and App

The Legacy 8.0 Standard (free download) can generate reports and charts – see: http://legacyfamilytree.com/LegacyStandard.asp

The Deluxe (paid) version has even more options. See:

I used the free standard version of Legacy for quite awhile                          (cause I’m frugal ;), but I purchased the deluxe last year and have enjoyed some of the added features (i.e. an alert that an Ohio county, that I had entered, was not in existence when my ancestor was born, but 3 possible counties were named.)

Not enough time for doing genealogy as I would like, but it may be my Christmas gift to myself.  And thanks for asking questions so that I make the time to find answers for all of us in my Statelinegenealogyclub.wordpress.com BLOG.

I just got an email notification that I have a free Legacy update waiting for me to download.  Lovely excuse to go to my computer, play genealogy detective, and to take the time to enter the information that I have gathered on paper.

I am still learning how to use Legacy and it is a little “not intuitive”, but I am getting used to it.

The main thing that I notice is that I need to figure out if Legacy has an equivalent to the “little Leaf” that Ancestry.com Family Tree Maker sends you for suggested family members.  Maybe that is on the “Genealogies” part of FamilySearch if you submit your own family tree?

(Have any of you used that feature, and do you get suggestions of possible relatives?  Maybe that will be my goal to try out on my Christmas vacation.)

Family Search is a service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


The Family Search database has 2 main functions:

Records – (Census etc.) searches similar to Ancestry.com, but they are free.

Genealogies – are “family trees submitted by individuals who have contributed their research to the FamilySearch.org. community.

According to Family search –

“When you submit your family tree, you can upload a GEDCOM file so that others can search it on FamilySearch.org.

You can make your family tree available there to help other researchers. Your submissions remain in your control, preserved indefinitely, to review or remove as you see fit.”

(Unfortunately, although Ancestry.com is a wonderful resource, if you add your family tree there, I have heard that you cannot access/edit it, if you stop your subscription.)

I am looking forward to learning more about using FamilySearch Genealogies.  (You do not have to be a Mormon to make use of their database.)  This last year, we had a very useful Stateline Genealogy Club @ Beloit Public Library program by  Nancy Ritter, (Beloit Latter Day Saints Family History Center Director) on how to use FamilySearch and other genealogy resources  at the LDS center.

(To find that one, or one near you click on https://familysearch.org/locations/centerlocator.)

Two years ago I paid about $15 to download a TelGen “Families” app (4.2 stars) from  my Android “Play Store” that lets me update my Legacy software on my smart phone or tablet while out and about. I believe that it has an Apple version also.

Usually I use the app to do input of family information while I ask them and then transfer/sync it to my desktop computer or back again.  I also use it to display and edit my Legacy family trees when I am away from home.  Great to also look at my genealogy charts for research trips.

(From Legacy FAQ):

Running Legacy on a Mobile Device

by Sherry Holthe

“You can’t load Legacy (or any regular Windows software) directly to an Android device or iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.. Those devices run “apps”  There is an app that works with Legacy called “Families.” 

TelGen is the author of this app, not Legacy, but it was designed specifically to work with Legacy.  You can read more about it here http://www.telgen.co.uk/families/ You will be able to sync your tree between the your computer and mobile device.  On that link you will find the free program that you need to download to your PC to get your PC and mobile device talking to each other after you purchase the Families app.

Legacy also has a free webinar showing how the Families app works with Legacy

If you experience difficulties using the Families app, please visit http://www.telgen.co.uk/families/forum/.”