New Beloit Architectural and Historical Intensive Survey

By Vicki Ruthe Hahn

August 27, 2016

New Beloit Architectural and Historical Intensive Survey

This is a very useful book for finding historic Beloit homes by address, and was just published. It is in the Genealogy/Local History Collection under GEN 720.9775 Architectural 2015-2016.  Thanks to Alex Morganroth, City of Beloit, Wisconsin – Landmarks Commission who made sure that the Library got one of the few copies.

We will also be adding several physical Historic Beloit / Rock County Wisconsin maps to the Library Local History/Genealogy Collection soon.


Beloit Wisconsin Landmarks Commission

It is also online at > Departments > Boards and Commissions > Landmarks Commission > (bottom of page) Click here for Landmarks Commission Agendas, Minutes, and Staff Reports > 2016 Beloit Intensive Survey. It includes Appendix 53 pages, Maps 75 pages, and the Beloit Intensive Survey Report 214 pages. You will also find online (and in the Library) the older Beloit Historic Preservation Guide for Property Owners with hints on how to authentically restore your house, and a List of Beloit’s Historic Properties.

Landmarks Commission
House in College Park Historic District.JPG
The Beloit Landmarks Commission was established in 1990, shortly after the adoption of the Historic Preservation Ordinance, and is staffed by the Planning and Building Services Division.  The primary purpose of the Landmarks Commission is:
  • To designate and promote new and existing landmarks and historic districts
  • To regulate the way exterior alterations, additions, and construction or demolition of properties is done in historic districts or those with landmark status (see Certificate of Appropriateness)
  • To serve as a liaison between the public and the City of Beloit Planning and Building Services Division to encourage the stability of historic districts and landmarks sites

3 years (November 1 – October 31)

Alex Morganroth, Planner I

(608) 364-6708

General Information

A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) must be approved by the Landmarks Commission prior to the issuance of a building permit. The certificate allows approved exterior alterations, additions, new construction or demolition on property located in a historic district and/or a designated landmark site. The certificate assures that proposed exterior changes comply with the regulations and intent of the Beloit Historic Preservation Ordinance.

Submittal of an application is required prior to the approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness. The application should detail the proposed work and be accompanied by drawings, sketches, and photos. Staff will prepare a report which will be presented to the Landmarks Commission to assist them in making a decision to approve or deny the certificate. For information regarding a Certificate of Appropriateness, contact the Planning and Building Services Division at (608) 364-6700.


If you have any further questions about Historically registered Houses in Beloit, you can contact Alex Morganroth.


                                                                                  See Also:

  1. National Register of Historic Places
  2. Beloit Historical Society has some historic Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of Beloit buildings and Streets.
  3. Beloit College has some historic archives.
  4. Historic maps of Beloit WI,etc.  University of Wisconsin Digital Collections 
  5. GIS maps for Beloit which show current owner, lot lines, and taxes through their online City homepage.
  6. Janesville GIS maps are through their online City homepage.
  7. Other GIS maps for Rock County villages and townships (as is true for for any  state) are on the County homepage.
  8. for current and historic (David Ramsey) maps.
  9. Historic Map Works Resident Genealogy
  10. Wisconsin Historical Society 
  11. Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office
  12. World Maps Online (with a very interesting list of 1890 Beloit Businesses and Professionals – also in the Local History Pamphlet file now.)



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