Tracing your German immigrant ancestors?

Vicki’s note – here is a bit of information on German immigration to the United States, and a chance to take an on-line class from

I include it in my BLOG,  as there is a big interest in German Genealogy.  Being “German” is the biggest percentage of ancestry in the United States.

Course Runs: Oct 9th 2017 – Nov 3rd 2017



German Genealogy: Ride the Waves
James M. BeidlerGerman Genealogy 101Family Tree University


Tracing your German immigrant ancestors? Here are two things to think about: German immigration to the Americas came in two waves. The first as a cluster in the 1700s. The second wave spans from about 1800 to 1920. But not all German emigrants came west: a sizable portion went to Russia, where German enclaves lasted up to the twentieth century. Learn more…

Genealogists with German roots have a wealth of resources and a wide support network to help them discover their past. Germans have been meticulous record-keepers throughout their long history — beginning with the mostly tiny, independent German states that sprung up during the Middle Ages and continuing beyond their 1871 unification. This is great news for genealogists searching for their German family history — as long as you know where to look. To successfully trace your ancestors in the old country, you’ll need an understanding of Germany’s history, its records, and your family’s path to America. In this course, you’ll get a thorough foundation in learning how to perform German genealogy research.


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