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(Vicki’s note – Family Tree Magazine  article – Monday, March 07, 2016.  Which genealogy television shows are your favorites?)

PBS’ “Genealogy Roadshow” Announces 2016 Season Premiere
Posted by Diane Haddad

It’s a great time to be a genealogist who watches TV. The latest genealogy television series to announce its season premiere is Genealogy Roadshow, whose season 3, episode 1, airs Tuesday, May 17, on PBS.

The series, sponsored by, will visit Boston, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles in its four episodes. In each one, sleuths D. Joshua Taylor, Kenyatta Berry and Mary Tedesco help everyday people (some of whom have done a little genealogy) investigate family stories and learn more about their roots.

Other television series featuring genealogy research to look for:

Any genealogy shows I’m missing?

“Who Do You Think You Are?” | Genealogy TV

Monday, March 07, 2016 3:19:15 PM (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00)  #

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